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Exclusively available in New Zealand from Barton McGill. Incredible range of the finest contemporary pool tables, using solid woods, glass, stainless steel and high gloss paint.

Montfort pool tables, now internationally recognised, represent French manufacturing quality and craftsmanship, and are hand-made in dedicated workshops. Whether your room is contemporary, modern, classic or traditional, a Montfort billiard table will create the ambience you desire.


  • Billiard Lewis
  • Type of wood: Solid beech, solid oak.
  • Size: 210, 220 or 240
  • Dimensions: 120 x 120mm Feet
  • cross frame 100 x 40mm (part no fallout)
  • cylinders 40mm entrant in the feet
  • painted steel chassis bolted to wooden sleepers
  • Recovery ball by a retractable locker


Every Brunswick table is a timeless tribute to excellence in design and workmanship. Proud to stand behind every table that carries the Brunswick name, Brunswick tables are guaranteed for a lifetime.

Please read all terms and conditions of the warranty.

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