Our Commercial Tables

Barton McGill Billiards is a long established Billiards, Snooker & Pool table specialist company that offers a comprehensive selection of Commercial Billiards/Snooker/Pool Tables from the World’s best brands, Brunswick, Valley Coin-operated tables and DPT English pool tables. 


It is the mission of our company to offer our customers the finest quality available combined with outstanding service and backup.

The 9ft Gold Crown VI ” Tournament Edition” Pool Table

Good performance has to be a major factor, especially in a professional environment. The table can’t be any less accurate than any competing pool table and must be as easy as possible to play on. And finally, should any part of the table’s set up require modifying quickly, say during a tournament, that a billiard table technician can do so quickly and efficiently. In which case… the new Gold Crown VI has to be the best pool table in the world! Good performance has to be a major factor, especially in a professional environment.

You see the Gold Crown American pool table has been the professional billiard player’s table of choice since its first incarnation in the early 1960’s. It’s why Matchroom Sports and the WPBA (Ladies Pool Association) are happy to work exclusively with Brunswick. The Gold Crown VI uses Brunswick’s Super-Speed cushions which have been proven to be the most accurate in an independent test by the University of Wisconsin. But the Gold Crown has wider and heavier rails which not only provides a more natural hand position but adds a little more response than other Brunswick tables using this cushion type.

What that all means in simple terms, is that when you play a shot, you know exactly where the cue ball and the object ball are going to stop. Kick and bank shots off the rails are much easier because all Brunswick’s rails are consistent due to the totally unique way that the rubber is attached to the rail, so unlike other tables, angles can be predicted with high accuracy, making shot play far easier and more precise.

* Tournament Edition, Mahogany High-Pressure Laminate with brushed nickel castings and trim.

Each of the first three options shown above is available in 8ft Pro and 9ft sizes, and the Tournament Edition is available in 9ft only with tighter World Championship pockets.

All in all, there really is no better performing Pool table available in the world today and we thoroughly recommend the Brunswick Gold Crown VI.

Gold Crown Coin Pool Table

The Gold Crown Coin combines the Brunswick Gold Crown VI playability with PAT (Pay at Table) technology. Designed for years of profit for the room owner and to please the most discerning player at the same time.


  • High PerformanceTM Nut Plate Construction
  • SuperSpeed® Cushion Rubber
  • Brunswick Certified Premium 1″ Slate

Pay at Table Options​

  • Coin chute and/or debit/credit options.
  • Coin chute and bill acceptor with programmable electronics
  • Bill acceptor with programmable electronics only (see detail pic)
Designed for Clubs New Zealand

The 7ft Colonial “Tournament Edition” 8-Ball Table

The 7ft Colonial “Tournament Edition” 8-Ball Table meets and exceeds the Club New Zealand 8-Ball table specifications.

The Colonial was designed by Barton McGill specifically for the Clubs NZ (CNZ) games of 8-Ball and is the highest quality Pool table made in NZ today in terms of playability, speed, materials and workmanship.

East Coast Bays RSA executive members, proud owners of their “New” Barton McGill 7ft Colonial Pool tables.

From East Coast Bays Returned and Services Association

Barton McGill Ltd.
Dear Peter, Dianne,

On behalf of the East Coast Bays Returned and Services Association in Browns Bay, I am writing to thank you for the three tables we purchased from Barton McGill.

The members are really thrilled with these tables. We have received numerous compliments from both members Visitors. The standard of workmanship is excellent. We would not hesitate to purchase tables from you again.

We should also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the very good service we have received from you over many years. Nothing has been too much trouble for you. It is greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Susan Haslam
Secretary/ Manager