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Life today is busy. At work or at home we’re struggling to find time to just relax with our friends and family. It’s easier to pick up a phone and scroll through Facebook or Instagram. Although we’re connected, we’re not having meaningful conversations, laughing and getting to know our kids. 

You deserve to spend time with your family and friends, connecting with them and creating memories that last a lifetime. 

At Barton McGill, we can make that happen. Our Billiards and Games Tables give you the perfect opportunity to reach out to those you love and create a stress-free, enjoyable experience that brings you closer together. 

And for bars, clubs and retirement villages, pool, darts, foosball and air hockey are timeless amusements that bring your customers back time after time. Allowing you to be the perfect host, giving your customers relaxed competition and a chance to hang out with friends while bringing in an additional income stream. 

With over 130-years of experience with billiard & pool tables, if we don’t know it then it’s not worth knowing about.

We believe that experience, quality and great service is essential in today’s competitive and often confusing marketplace. And so we’ve taken everything we know about billiards, pool and games tables and created one place you can come for all you need for a games room or man cave that your friends and family will love to hang out in.

Our History

"Building a Billiard Table is a lesson upon the importance of truth, accuracy and craftsmanship"

Prior to 1892, Barton McGill were packers of pianos and providers of burial furniture for undertakers. 

But it was this quote that inspired the transformation to distribute and service the demand for billiard tables. The demand for billiard tables spread rapidly in the new colonies as such games were an important catalyst in early communities. 

Barton McGill tables gained pride of place in timber towns, billiard saloons, gentlemen’s and workingmen’s clubs. People of all ages and from all walks of life could make new friends or practice their skills for competition.

Unpopulated farming areas flourished and even if there was no road access, river barges allowed remote destinations to celebrate together. Large homesteads or wealthy merchants could entertain guests with steady, hand-eye coordination. 

Within six years, Messrs Thomas Barton and Henry Joseph McGill had established a reputation for spectacular, handcrafted Snooker and Billiard tables. Discerning, international buyers were impressed, and large numbers of Billiard tables were exported around the Pacific and Australia.

A magnificent hand-carved, full-size billiard table was entered in the international exhibition in Brisbane, Queensland, in 1897. The young Barton McGill company was proud to be awarded a supreme award, the gold medal.

In 1901 at the Great World Exhibition held at Buffalo, New York, they secured another gold medal for their patent elevated Lever Dining-Billiard Table, which converted from a dining table to a billiard table in one smooth motion.

A purpose-built factory was designed to accommodate the company’s expansion, where they continued to blend the finest materials and outstanding craftsmanship.

Scientific construction methods and the ability to match climatic issues meant their final structures would never bend, crack, shrink or twist with age. The inherent material qualities or tendencies would be carefully balanced and matched.

Throughout World War II, the importing of cloth became difficult and the company survived on servicing, maintenance and repair work. This included diversification into bar construction, furniture or fittings supply.

With the arrival and popularity of pool in the 1960s, hotels were keen to install “7ft” coin operated tables – the boom was back!

Snooker regained its reputation and was followed widely as Pot Black, the world series TV competition that made star players into worldwide household names.

The demand for tables in private homes soared as families preferred to spend time together and host young adult gatherings. Generations can share or inherit traditional values and companionship. 

Barton McGill tables have been selected for five World Championships over the last 25 years.

Starting as a junior, the Current Managing Director, Peter, has for over 40 years strived to bring the company to its contemporary position. From a small, old fashioned company to their present success and locations, including the restoration & repairs workshop – plus the premiere Barton McGill showroom at 116 Wairau Rd, North Shore Auckland.

In 2005, Barton McGill became the exclusive New Zealand distributor for the world-famous Brunswick pool tables, a company with 175 years in the billiards industry.

With local contracts and recent growth in China and Asia, Barton McGill continues to offer products and services which are considered by many to be timeless, antique or contemporary tables, designed for today, finished as they were 130 years ago.

Isn’t it time you enjoyed a game of snooker or pool?