Pool table storage

Lack of space needn’t mean you have to sell your pool table.

Store your snooker, pool or billiard table at our secure facilities

Moving house and not sure where to put your pool table until you get your new home set up? Or maybe you’ve inherited a billiards table and have no room to enjoy it (yet).

Snooker tables aren’t small. And to truly enjoy the game, you need the right amount of space to play pool. Dismantling and storing pool tables correctly isn’t simple and the wrong move can cause damage that could be costly to repair. 

Until your games room is ready to enjoy, let us store your billiards table. Saving you time, money and effort in the long run. 

We’re experts in dismantling pool tables with the right equipment and knowledge to preserve your table with care – avoiding moisture, mould or mildew damage to the wood or cloth. 

Trust us to store your pool table until you’re ready to enjoy your next game

  • Experts in billiard table dismantling and storage
  • Reassembled on-site and ready for play when you’re ready
  • Short and long term pool table storage is available
  • Safe and dry storage facility
  • Cue and accessory storage available