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Black Pearlized Painted Forearm – Cushioned HI Leather Grip – Stainless
Steel Ring – Ghost Joint – Flat Poison Stamped Bumper – Stainless Steel
Butt Cap

Every potent Poison in the line is topped-off with a 29″, Pro-Taper
shaft that incorporates Double Density (DD) Technology.  The
Double-D method enhances accuracy and maintains optimum stiffness by
designing each shaft with two different densities of wood.  This
little secret is your all-access pass to best-in-class playability, and
the other player’s toxic ticket to the Losers Circle.

SHAFT: Venom, DD Technology
FERRULE – 0.6″ Thermax
TIP – 13mm Sarin
JOINT: Uni-Loc Ghost
STANDARD WEIGHT: 19oz (18.5 – 20.5 available)

Poison owners are also eligible for an upgrade to the Predator 314² or Z²
shaft.  And if you can handle a combo like that, you can sweep any

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