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BK2 Linen Wrap

classic is now part of our new Predator Sport family and available as
BK2 Sport with Sport Grip.

How it plays:
· Predator cues have a medium hit due to the stainless steel piloted joint and a longer taper
The Predator 314 shaft dramatically reduces cue ball deflection and
helps less experienced players move quickly through the learning
process. In fact, the majority of beginning or intermediate players
notice an immediate improvement in their game when they use a Predator.
Predators ferrule and internal bore
reduce the shafts tendency to buckle on impact and allow the cue ball to
push the shaft aside instead of the shaft pushing the cue ball off
line. Predator’s technology makes it easier to hit what you’re aiming at
because it shoots straighter.
· The pure transfer of energy in a
Predator produces less vibration and gives the player a solid and
positive feedback. And better feel leads to better control.
Predator’s unique 10-piece construction produces a straighter cue with a
more consistent flex than any traditional one-piece shaft.

Selling Points:
Predator cues and shafts are used by over 50% of the top 40 ranked men
professionals, 3 out of 5 top women professionals, and over 35,000
competitive players worldwide. None of these players are paid to play
with their Predator cue.
· The patented Predator 314 shaft is the
result of two years of research and development. It is designed to
increase accuracy and reduce cue deflection for both the professional
and beginner pool player.

Weight Changes:
· Predator cues have a changeable weight system. Changes can be made with a ¼” allen tool.
· 2oz to 3oz is the maximum change. Please check with customer service

Tip: 12 ¾” phenolic and carbon fiber
Ferrule: Proprietary plastic, poured into a mold
Shaft: Predator Break Shaft 29″ long with a 15″ pro taper, spliced hard rock maple
Collar: black proprietary plastic with a gold colored decal “314” logo
Joint: Stainless steel, piloted with a brass insert
Pin: uni-lock® quick release, stainless steelForearm: Black stained maple with a gold colored decal “Predator BK2” logo
Rings: Four nickel silver rings
Wrap: None
Sleeve: : Black stained maple
Plate: linen based black plastic stamped with the “Predator” logo
Bumper: Black rubber, push in

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