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SuperPro Pool Cloth

SuperPro is the premium worsted cloth

Applying more research than any other company, Strachan has producted a high-performance pool table fabric. Using a blend of 70% Merino wool and 30% nylon, SuperPro worsted billiard cloth gives you a smooth, long-lasting playing surface.

All SuperPro cloth is treated with SpillGuard protectant. SuperPro deliver a superior playing experience. SpillGuard is a special coating that protects every fiber, so it won’t swell, smell, or stain. SuperPro’s playing surface stays fast and responsive and looks good throughout the life of the cloth.

Width: 198cm (78″)

Weight: 390g/m2 (20oz/yd @ 63″)

SuperPro is Strachans premium worsted cloth. This highly rated brand maintains its play characteristics longer than other premium cloth, giving control, consistency and the confidence players require to produce a championship winning performance.

Strachans combines finest quality yarn and over 100 years’ experience to produce a highly engineered finish that offers:
• a perfect playing surface from installation, plus the optimum balance of speed and control
• maintains its play characteristics longer than other premium cloths
• is durable and less prone to ball marks, tears, holes and bruises
• is treated with SpillGuard to protect against spills and stains
• is available in 12 colours

Strachans SuperPro has a growing reputation for quality and has been selected for the New Zealand Pool Championships and numerous other tournaments world wide.

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