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Premium Pool Balls

High longevity
The PREMIUM resin with Vitrotech technology hardens and vitrifies the surface for durable brightness.
-Low yearly table cost
Smooth surface reduces drastically the table cloth wear resulting in far less cloth and ball replacement.
– Made of Aramith Premium
Phenolic resin with high impact resistance and prolonged longevity.
– High quality standards
For 8 criteria : density, balance, diameter, roundness, color, glossiness, hardness, weight.
– Complete 2 ” set with cue ball
– Balls are burn spot resistant to keep its polish & minimize table cloth wear
– Balls made of pure phenolic resin, making them more scratch resistant, and longer lasting
– Elasticity of the phenolic resin is calibrated for optimal rebound, perfectly controlling the effect of every shot
– Exclusive & official balls used for all tournaments

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