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Recovering / Servicing

Barton McGill recovers & services all sizes and makes of  Billiards, Snooker & Pool tables.

What distinguishes our service from all others:

  • Factory trained Billiard technicians
  • Fully Insured
  • Experience – 120-year track record of excellence
  • Guaranteed work with a quality control department
  • Brick and mortar location with all the necessary resources for unforeseen changes in service or extra supplies
  • In stock Pool cloth of all colors in Superpro, Mali, Brunswick or Simonis
  • In stock Strachans “West of England” Superfine Snooker cloth
  • Cushion Rubber replacement supplies in stock
  • All Factory repair services available
  • Cue repairs

**We reserve the right to offer a competitive quote that may not be lower than a quote you received from another person who has limited training or an unacceptable track record of experience or operates without the appropriate insurance.

Barton McGill is committed to making your service requirements our prime concern. Once our Technicians are dispatched, you will be dealing with billiard table professionals trained and certified to deliver the best experience possible.

We promise to be the most competitive and the most experienced in all Billiards, Snooker & Pool table service and repair”.

Service Manger: Mr. Kerry Deavin

Kerry has over 25 years experience at Barton McGill Ltd . Starting as a Trainee in the art of  billiard table making, Kerry has worked in all aspects of the billiard trade and specializes in servicing, recovery and tournament table set ups.

Call us now for all your table servicing requirements.   Ph: 09 444 3979

Call us now on Ph: 09 444 -3979 for timeless Pool & Billiard Tables, Spas, Accessories & Services. For more, visit our Facebook Page