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A Dining Pool Table is a Pool Table that can be effortlessly converted into a Dining Room Table.

Here are our Top Ten Reasons why you need a Dining Pool Table:

  1. Dining Pool Tables are ideal for apartment living. Their dual function provides the best use of space, enabling you to get more out of your living area.
  2. Dining Pool Tables provide an exciting dynamic for business conferences. Once the serious talk is finished, effortlessly create a more casual environment by sliding back the covers to reveal that perfect playing Pool Table.
  3. Keep Everyone Happy – With a Dining Pool Table you can get your wife that brand new Dining Table she has been asking for; happily disguised within is that perfect Pool Table you have always wanted.
  4. Having the ability to convert the Pool Table into a Dining Room Table means that it will blend well into your living area; making it both inconspicuous and unobtrusive when not in use. All of the balls and cues can be contained in this way as well, meaning less clutter for your living room.
  5. With a Dining Pool Table, there is no need for an extra games room, the table can be kept in your main living area and simply converted into a Dining Room Table when not in use.
  6. Dining Pool Tables are great for when your children have all moved out and you no longer require a large Dining Room Table every single night;  yet you still need one for those special occasions when the whole family gathers together. With a Dining Pool Table, you can justify having a Dining Room Table by its ability to convert into a Pool Table when not in use.
  7. By having a Dining Pool Table, you can add an extra element to those family gatherings, by converting the Dining Table into a Pool Table following dinner.
  8. It can be a hard ask, getting your guests to get up and follow you into a different room following dinner. With a Dining Pool Table, there is no need. You can pile a whole evenings worth of entertainment into the one room. Instead of worrying about moving people, simply slide away the covers to transform your room.
  9. Get better use out of your Games Room. When not in use, the Pool Table can be converted into a table, where accessories, such as a computer or books can be stored. This provides a more functional use for the room when the Pool Table is not in use.
  10. With a range of furniture accessories to go with your Dining Pool Table, such as our Fusion Sideboard that provides a space for drinks and cue holders, owning a Dining Pool Table can really add a whole new element of style and sophistication to your main entertainment area.

If you would like any further info on our Dining Pool Tables, you can visit our store or give us a call on (09) 444 3979. You can also view our full range of Dining Pool Tables here.