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Silver Spa Pools in Auckland


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We offer six variations of spa pools that are manufactured by Silver Spas, designed to entertain guests and ensure you and your family enjoy the outside lifestyle in New Zealand.

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Silver Spas
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Silver Spas
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Silver Spas
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Silver Spas
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Silver Spas
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Silver Spas
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Why Silver Spa Pools

With a plethora of Spa Pools open to purchases throughout New Zealand, it is imperative to know why you should consider a Silver Spa pool over the possible alternatives.

The spas that you purchase through our us have been designed and constructed in New Zealand. By buying a Silver Spa, you’re going to be helping a New Zealand business and New Zealand families.

Our products come with extensive warranties

Owners of our spa pools do not need to be concerned with potential wood warping – there are no wooden components.

The spas you see today were designed from 25 years of research and engineering.

When you purchase the spa through Barton McGill, you’ll receive lifetime water testing.

What Comes with Silver Spas?

Each of the Silver Spa pools come with a fully insulated lockable cover that has been specifically designed to withstand the harsh New Zealand UV rays and annual rainfall.

The covers come with think foam insulation that helps contain and control the ambient water temperature consistently, thereby saving money with reduced heating costs.

Barton McGill offers additional aftercare services that cannot be found elsewhere in the North Shore.

We offer lifetime water testing for your spa when you bring testing water into our office for life. Collect the water from your purchased Silver Spa, and our electrical testing equipment will conduct a detailed test to determine the quality of the water and how to treat it.

What Warranties Come with Silver Spas?

We understand that purchasing a Spa Pool is a large investment, and you will want suitable warranties that enable you to continue to use your spa with a sense of comfort against breakdowns

25-Year Shell Structure Warranty

The shell unit of our spas is covered by a 25-year warranty, starting from the original retail purchase date.

Two-Year Equipment Warranty

Our spas have electrical components that could become damaged or need to be replaced. We don’t expect this to happen within the first two years of ownership and will, therefore, cover two years for an electrical warranty.

5-year Heater Warranty

We are confident that the water heating unit in our pool spas will run consistently for at least five years and therefore offer five years warranty on all our heating units within our spas.

Lifetime Waterjets

We are very confident that our design and build quality will be able to last that all of our spas come with a Lifetime warranty on our waterjets.

Testimonials of Sliver Spa Users

Slide “Wandering around the Auckland Home Show 2018 we had no intention of buying a spa until we walked past the Silver Spa display. One spa instantly stood out to us as we loved the white marble and round shape. The sales team was informative and we liked the fact they are New Zealand made using materials that will withstand our costal environment. One key feature we also love is not having to use chlorine.A quality product at a great price.” Hamish & Sonia Slide “We bought our spa last July and we are thrilled with it. Delivery was outstanding and after the leak was fixed we have had no problems. You people were amazing to deal with, nothing was too much trouble. There is hardly a day goes by without us using it. Congratulations to your team for the service you provide.” Eileen Slide “We would like to give the “thumbs up” after purchasing our Silver Spa. Having checked out other brands, we feel the features of the Silver Spa to be of great comparative value. The communication was excellent, as we pre-ordered 6 months before delivery, which was to Whangarei.” Andy Slide “We have had our spa since December and LOVE it! We have two under two so it is great for some much needed relaxation. Our daughter loves water so the spa is her new favourite! She could be in there for hours! The quality is great and looks great on our deck. We are very pleased with our purchase and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Silver Spas to friends and family. ” Sean Slide “Our first spa and it is a beauty! We looked at Silver Spa's at the Northland Home Show and Darleen was very helpful and friendly. We didn't say yes straight away and went and looked at another site at the show that had spas but the Silver Spa deal was so good we couldn't turn it down. Delivery was straight forward and set up easy. We have been using the spa every night and we are loving it! Thanks Silver Spas - highly recommend!” Sally

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