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Ball Restorer

Remove the very
hardy spots with the Aramith Ball Restorer and Finish the cleaning and polish
with the Aramith Ball Cleaner
Why it is so important
to have clean billiard balls on your tables and why you should
always use the proper agent to clean them.

Clean billiard balls are smoother than
dirty billiard balls.
It is obvious that clean billiard balls will
wear out the cloth less than dirty
billiard balls !
Keep the billiard balls
perfectly clean
Clean the billiard balls
regularly with the proper agent

Always use the same agent to
clean billiard balls

1. Keep the exact same playing features
of the billiard balls from game to game, from table to table.

2. Reduce cloth wear off.

3. Increase your pleasure to play.

Clean billiard balls on the tables
obviously increase the pleasure to play!

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