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Pool Playing Tips: The Stance

When it comes to playing pool, a great shot all begins with the stance. Here we will lay out all the steps you need to focus on for your playing stance.

The first thing to consider is that the only thing you want moving when you shoot is your arm, so your playing stance needs to support this.

  1. Line up your shot for where you want to shoot. Have your right foot standing in line with the shot and then bring up your cue stick in line with this.
  2. Step in to the shot, and make sure your feet are far enough apart so that you have good balance.
  3. Bend at the hips and come straight down the line of the shot. Bending at the hips instead of the waist will give you a solid base from which to shoot from.
  4. Now the closer your eyes are in line with the shot, the better. You want to have good posture here, so that you can follow through on the shot.

Spend some time working on this stance to deliver a good strong stroke. Working on your stance will give you a solid foundation to build upon, when it comes to improving your game.



If you would like further tips on improving your playing stance, or other aspects of your game, we run regular in-store coaching sessions, you can find more details here.