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A Dining Pool Table is a Pool Table that can be effortlessly converted into a Dining Room Table. Here are our Top Ten Reasons why you need a Dining Pool Table: Dining Pool Tables are ideal for apartment living. Their dual function provides the best use of space, enabling you to get more out of […]

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Pool Playing Tips: The Stance

When it comes to playing pool, a great shot all begins with the stance. Here we will lay out all the steps you need to focus on for your playing stance. The first thing to consider is that the only thing you want moving when you shoot is your arm, so your playing stance needs […]

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Dave Parris tidies up after the installation

Dave Parris (Barton McGill's expert polisher/billiard technician) tidies up after the installation WOW!! This stunning full-size snooker table is a complete transformation of a 100-year-old table that was worn and tired. The restoration by the highly skilled Barton McGill team involved a complete re-strip, sand & repolish in "Ebony" Mirrortone lacquer, rebuilt cushion rubbers, new pockets, [...]
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